8 Best Business Outlets for Investors and Start-Up CEOs That You Probably Never Heard About

Mainstream business and fintech websites like the Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesBloomberg, and Business Insider, are big publishing names with high-quality-guaranteed content. But high-quality content doesn’t always have to be associated with big names. Lesser-known websites also deliver top-notch business and financial content — you just have to sharpen your radar. Come to think of it, if you want to engage and strike a conversation with the content creators, you’ll most likely get a response.

Check out these 8 underdog fintech and business outlets for investors and startup CEOs out there.

Inc. Magazine

Although we don’t quite see Inc. with the rest of the top business magazines, they’re not new to the business also. They start back in 1979 and now they stand as “advocates for small business and entrepreneurial success”. If you’re a small business owner, an aspiring business owner, or just a regular guy who loves to hear success stories and adapt best practices — this will suit well to your liking.

They publish monthly articles which focus mostly on startups and small to medium businesses. Their issues rotate around, but are not limited to — corporate leadership, innovation, technology, financials, and startup businesses.

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Atom Finance

Atom Finance is targeted towards active stock market traders, individual or institutional. If you’re looking for an affordable Bloomberg type of website, Atom Finance might be the one you’re looking for. Signing up is free for individual investors.

In a nutshell, Atom Finance can be your go-to dashboard for all of your investments. Simply link your other brokerage accounts, and you can track all your investments in one portfolio. Their unique selling feature called Sandbox allows you to create financial models to know the fair value of a certain stock.

Blog articles and news insights are not so special with Atom Finance, so you’ll have to turn to mainstream websites like Yahoo! Finance. However, you can do away with this limitation by getting a paid premium account. With that, you’ll get more price change explanations, analyst commentaries/forecasts, and research summaries.

Duct Tape Marketing

Are you familiar with the small business marketing book called “Duct Tape Marketing”? John Jantsch, the writer of the book, is also the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing website. They aim to help small business owners reach their full potential through strategic marketing.

If you are a small business owner struggling to find leads for your business, it doesn’t mean that your business ideas are not good. You might just have a marketing problem. Fortunately, you can get personal insights from their team of marketing consultants on a free consultation. Or if you’re ready to take a step further, you can be a part of their Consultant Network, a community of like-minded small business owners.

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OkDork is a tech and business blog site written from the perspective of a serial online entrepreneur, Noah Kagan. He’s a business owner of Sumo and AppSumo which partner with startup companies in providing software solutions to set them up for entrepreneurial success.

Kagan grew his website through email newsletters. You can sign up for free in exchange for long-form blog articles around the topics of book reports, starting and growing a business, marketing, personal improvement, and productivity tips. So if you’re an entrepreneur yourself and you’re looking for a mentor who’s been through the entrepreneurial journey and came off successfully, start following OkDork’s blog articles or Noah Kagan’s podcast.

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Angel List

Angel List is a fairly new company that started in 2010 with just an email list subscription. They were still helping Uber at that time to raise seed money. Several years later, Angel List now has more than $1 billion of assets under management. Their ongoing mission is to increase the number of successful startups in the world.

If you’re a venture investor, you might have already heard of this especially since Angel List is considered a pioneer in online startup investing. But if you’re just starting as a venture capitalist, Angel List has an education center dedicated to teaching how to become an angel investor. You can also get valuable insights on startup investing through their blog.

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Under 30 CEO

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking for advice on how to grow a profitable business, Under 30 CEO might just be what you’re looking for. This website produces helpful blog articles on career advice, entrepreneurship, funding, personal branding, personal finance, finding customers, and startup advice.

Apart from their staff, their diverse content comes from guest contributors who share their own stories of their entrepreneurial journey. So, expect to gain tips here and there so you can cut through the learning curve as much as possible.

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OneVest is an expert in holding fundraising and crowdfunding projects, as well as partnering investors and entrepreneurs through events that happen monthly. Although, the access to investment opportunities is open to high-net-worth and institutional investors only.

If you’re a startup business owner or an angel investor, availing OneVest’s services will stretch your network of like-minded business people. Aside from the monthly events where entrepreneurs in the U.S. congregate, they also have an education platform for new investors and founders. Most exciting of all is their CoFounders Lab which pairs up founders with co-founders, interns, and advisors.


Last but not the least, is Medium. Of course, you’ve heard of Medium, otherwise, you won’t be reading this post. But I’m referring to authors and bloggers in this platform that write for investors and entrepreneurs — just like I do. It’s just a matter of finding quality content creators worth following. Just keep on exploring and reading articles here and there. Medium is not scarce on business and fintech writers, so you’ll surely find one (or more).

I’m sure there’s still a lot of exhaustive lists out there on lesser-known but still must-follow, exceptional websites. But for now, you can start with this short list. Let me know in the comments if you find something interesting.

Or better yet, I’m excited to connect with my fellow Medium writers on investing and business. Leave a comment below and let me know!

Originally written by me on Medium. Main photo by Carol Magalhães on Unsplash

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