FORB’S INSTITUTION specialises in asset management, securitisation, green investment consulting, and real estate consulting.

The FORB’S INSTITUTION team are experts who support the implementation of projects of any profile whether they are simple or the most complex.

FORB’S INSTITUTION relies on a network of specialists who work in the different countries and fields required for asset management, securitisation, green investment consulting, and real estate consulting.

FORB’S INSTITUTION is located in Luxembourg where the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) is also located. The Luxembourg Green Exchange is the first and leading platform in the world for dealing exclusively with sustainable financial instruments If you have in mind to work with any kind of sustainable bonds, or you are thinking about “Green IPO” our expert team will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance with any questions or problems that arise in the process.

As well as financial and legal engineering, the jobs carried out by other companies from the FORB’S INSTITUTION group and its partners facilitate the management of securitised assets and assets under management. These include skills in fleet management (real estate, automobiles, ships, aircraft), IT services, administrative and accounting services, and business centres.


As part of our investment philosophy, we are constantly looking for new dynamic ways and opportunities to increase our effectiveness. When we choose investment projects we adhere to the so-called “top-down investing principles”. First, we look at the macro picture like the macroeconomic, national, or market-level factors of the economy and then look sequentially at smaller factors in finer detail. We use fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis to offer our clients the best risk/return ratio. Our portfolio allocation aims to achieve effective diversification and minimised multicollinearity, taking into account volatility, exposure, liquidity, ratings, and other factors.

Our clients know the price of their time and do not waste this valuable asset.
At FORB’S INSTITUTION, we take the time to listen to our clients to understand their long-term goals. We always put our clients’ needs first. Our main goal is to help our clients achieve the best results based on their needs and to do so in the shortest possible time. That’s our philosophy and it’s what drives us.