FORB’S INSTITUTION helps private and institutional investors to choose and maximise the value of their real estate investments.

FORB’s INSTITUTION helps companies prevent critical and difficult real estate situations and find new growth and development opportunities for your company. We help you find the best solutions through our experience, strategic planning, and know-how. We are ready to provide our services to everyone from investors and business owners to corporate groups and lenders. FORB’S INSTITUTION provides almost all of the services you need to add value to your company, including market research, portfolio services, as well as, due diligence, rental consulting, and much more.


FORB’S INSTITUTION uses analytics and cutting-edge technologies to provide transformative and deeper data in comprehensive portfolio expertise, valuation, and due diligence. We help companies turn complex and critical real estate issues into opportunities for sustainability, growth, and long-term benefits through our longstanding practice in real estate consulting.

Our clients stay ahead of key issues and improve their results with our innovative ideas. Our team has a deep understanding of current processes in the real estate market, as well as the interplay between asset valuation and capital markets.

FORB’S INSTITUTION provides our clients with a complete list of real estate valuation services:

  • We perform single-property analyses
  • We evaluate large and diverse portfolios
  • We identify and evaluate tangible and intangible assets associated with real estate, including tenant relationships and local leases above and below market rentals

We help our clients plan and make decisions with confidence, providing visionary and in-depth knowledge based on our many years of experience. We’re working with:

  • Business owners
  • Corporate real estate groups
  • Investors
  • Intermediaries
  • Lenders
  • Operators

The list of services that we provide includes:

  • Fee and leasehold interests
  • Securities investments
  • Complex property analysis and valuation
  • Debt and equity positions

We advise on transactions, including portfolio strategy, asset and portfolio positioning and repositioning, real estate modelling, and financial analysis.