The main goal for FORB’S INSTITUTION is to accelerate innovation and growth for the transition to a more sustainable economy. To achieve this purpose, we connect both companies and investors with global markets.

Green investment is a part of the rapidly growing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) share of the investment market. Green bonds are securities, the funds from which are used to invest in projects that have minimal impact on the environment, as well as projects for renewable energy sources.

FORB’S INSTITUTION is located in Luxembourg where the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) is also located. The Luxembourg Green Exchange is the first and leading platform in the world that deals exclusively with sustainable financial instruments. If you have in your mind to work with any kind of sustainable bonds, our expert team will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance with any questions or problems that arise in the process.

We offer you a comprehensive solution and approach for the preparation and issuance of green bonds:

  • Development of legal schemes for the placement of green bonds
  • Implementation of measures to identify potential guarantors, underwriters, paying agent, depositary, and other organisations involved in the placement and further circulation of bonds
  • Development of optimal parameters of the bond loan
  • Preparation of all documentation required for state registration of the securities issue, as well as a report on the results of the securities issue
  • Submission of documents to registration authorities, receipt of documents from the registration authority that confirm the state registration of the issue, and the report on the results of the securities issue
  • The attraction of the underwriter/underwriters of the bonded loan (syndication).
  • Organisation and provision of interaction between the issuer and other participants in the issuance of green bonds.
  • Full consulting support for the issue, placement, circulation, and redemption of green bonds.

Green IPO is a public offering of so-called “green” companies, i.e. companies whose work does not have a destructive impact on the environment and/or use green technologies in their technological cycle

FORB’S INSTITUTION provides all services related to the preparation of a Green IPO:

  1. We assess companies in terms of the ability to issue green shares
  2. We are developing possible strategies to move your company into the category of green companies
  3. We evaluate companies’ assets
  4. We determine the number and value of shares issued
  5. We issue green shares